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                             Healing Vampires


Hirudo Medicinales (medical leech) is the nature's  pharmaceutical factory. It is producing about 200 different bio-active enzymes!   All those components are useful to leech in feeding process, helping to keep the blood in liquid form and increasing blood flow. The therapeutic effect of the medicinal leech in the  properties of salivary gland secretions, which enters into the body during feeding. It has serial effects on our bodies.



Blood clots dissolving enzymes    - special enzymes that dissolve fibrin that bonds blood clots

Anti-coagulating enzymes           - blood thinner

Anti-platelet agents                    - prevent formation of new blood clots

Vasodilators                              - widening and relaxation of blood vessels                           

Anti-Microbial substances            - stops bacteria and fungus from reproducing and spreading

Analgesics                                 - painkiller. Relief from pain.

Anti-inflammatory                      - reduces inflammation and swelling

Angiogenesis                             - stimulates new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels

Rejuvenation and Regenerative substances - boosting the body's natural ability to heal itself. Potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs, offering solutions and hope for people who have conditions that today are beyond repair.


                                            WHAT DOES LEECH DO?


Once the leeches attach  and cut through the skin with 300 chitin tiny teeth the saliva enters the bite site and along with it the enzymes responsible for all above positive effects. Working together, they act to cure the disease present in the individual. Because of anti-coagulating agents the blood becomes thinner, allowing it to flow freely through the vessels. The anti-clotting agents  dissolve fibrin that is bonding blood clots. It is  eliminating the risk of blood clots to travel to other parts of the body and blocking an artery or veins. The vasodilating agents help widen the vessel walls. This effect great help to people with hypertension (high blood pressure). Leech therapy helps to normalize the blood pressure of hypertensive individuals as well as minimizing  their risk of suffering from stroke and heart attacks. Blood circulation is also improved with hirudotherapy (leech therapy) and it helps with the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, as well as lesions caused by diabetes. There is also a noticeable boost in the immune system's function due to bacteriostatic agents found in saliva of  the leech.


Even after first treatment patients who

suffer from pain and inflammation in the

case of arthritis, variety of sport injures 

and muscle pain will feel relief from the

anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects

of the leech's saliva. This effect can last

from 4 months and can be reversed

completely in some cases.


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