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The mystery behind "Vampire Facial" or Blood Facial


Old grandma's method of "keeping wrinkles away" is coming back. Women from different cultures around

the world apply blood (Hint: ones a month) on face and neck. Nobody knows why for sure but seems  like

it something to do with plasma and platelets have rejuvenating effect on the skin.


Panacea Holistic Center's leech organic face lift therapy is only facial solution that can claim to be effective

and long-lasting, safe, noninvasive and all natural with  no side effects. Leech organic face-lift

therapy can dramatically reduce facial lines and wrinkles – smoothing and tightening the skin and

providing it with a youthful glow. Also, this process can  help clear up resistant-to-treatment complexion

problems such as acne, skin blemishes and rosacea.


Here is why. Leech produces up to 200 bio active substances (peptides and proteins). Amount them...


  • Antibiotic (kills viruses, bacteria, fungus). Great foracnes and lesions.

  • Anti-inflammatory  enzymes. Reduce or completely get rid of inflammation.

  • Rejuvenating enzyme that stimulate capillary grow. Capillary are major vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to

      tissues and organs. Leeches often used in plastic surgeries and microsurgeries.

  • Increase circulation within tissues. Increasing capillary blood flow to the skin that brings more oxygen and nutrients

      to tissues. (Vasodilating enzymes).

  • Enzymes dissolving unwanted fats.

  • Increase skin elasticity with help of peptides that stimulates your body production of Nitric Oxide (N.O.) molecule.

      N.O. keeps blood vessels relaxed, flexible with smooth epithelium that lines the interior surface of blood vessels.






Natural leech organic face-lift as part of any leech therapies. That means that client have to go through leech therapy

before mask can be applied.



What to expect


-Schedule appointment with our specialist. At this time you will discuss your general heath condition and problems with the specialist.   Specialist will sagest  what part of the body for leech attachment.

-Fully gorged leech(s) will be removed by the specialist.

-Consumed blood will be extracted  from leech's stomach right after and applied on your face and neck. Your blood now is very    valuable for you. It is rich of all those bio-active substances we listed above.

-After 20 minutes mask will be washed off and the hydrating cerium will be applied. You will feel immediate changes on texture and smoothness of your skin.


Note: Duration of the session 1 to 1.5 hour.

         Combination of hirudoherapy, blood facial and wet cupping at ones can be offered for additional fees.


Leeches can be apply on particular points around face and neck for better rejuvenating results.

We advice  5-6 sessions to go through for great results. It will improve not only the condition of your skin but improve health in general

along with immune system, energy level, emotional balance and more (see leech therapy tab).



Do and Don't


  • No alcohol intake 24 hours before and after.

  • Exfoliate your skin before office visit.

  • Don't use creams, lotions, oils and perfume on your face and body.

  • Don't wear make up.

  • Don't do any physical activates for 24 hours after session.

  • Allow yourself  rest after session.

  • Drink plenty of water and herbal tea.

  • Wear dark and comfortable cloth.

  • Allow yourself 1 to 1,5 hour for session.

  • You will find more information under Leech Therapy tab for who is not good candidate for hirudotherapy and facial.


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