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Hirudotherapy in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis  

Hirudotherapy in the treatment of tennis elbow 

Hirudotherapy in treatment of facial neuropathy

Hirudotherapy in the treatment of median nerve compression

Hirudotherapy for epidermoid cysts

Hirudotherapy in treatment of patients with policethemia  

Hirudotherapy for diabetic foot (case study)

The effectiveness of hirudotherapy in the rehabilitation of patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation

Hirudotherpy in the treatment of heart failure (In Russian)

Hirudotherapy in the treatmennt of carpometacarpal joint

Hirudotherapy in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Leech saliva to treat osteoarthritis

Leech Therapy for Treating Priapism: Case Report

Hirudotherapy as a method correction of osteoarthrosis (Russian/English)


Evaluation of performance characteristics of the medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) for the treatment of venous congestion

Medical leeches for venous congestion

A systematic review and meta-analysis of medical leech therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee

Studies leech therapy for treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Treatment of open-angle glaucoma with medical leeches


Hirudotherapy as alternative method of correction plethoric syndrome in patients with real polycythemia in elderly (in Russian) 

Rehabilitation of hyperlipidemia with medical leeches

Reviving An Ancient Therapy To Manage Chronic Pain

Use of the most recent reagent (CuFL) for stimulation of NO synthesis by the medicinal leech salivary cell secretion in the cultures of human endothelium cells (HUVEC) and in rat cardiomiocytes

Hirudotherapy in Human Papillomavirus in Chronic Cervicitis (in Russian)

Aetna Considers Medicinal Leech Therapy 

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Detoxification by Medicinal Leeches 

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