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Moon Gaze Massage Ventosa Cupping Therapy

                                                                                     Dry Cupping


This is most common type and is painless unless you suffer from skin allergies, rushes or sensitive skin. Dry cupping process described above. For healthy people bruises should be reddish or reddish orange. It usually takes three to four days for it to leave completely but in some cases it can stay as long as a week. Dry cupping session can last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.


Rubbing Cupping

Medicated oil is rubbed on the sin. Cupping professional will placed fire or controlled cups on surface and wait for some period of time to maximize the suction effect. The cups will then be moved over the body, pulling up other parts of your flesh. Since the cups will pop of, they have to be repeatedly  replaced on the skin.


Goals & Benefits

  • The technique namely focuses on reducing stagnation & restrictions in problem areas, by breaking down adhesion's/knots, and by helping to increase fluid (i.e., blood & lymph) circulation.

  • Rubbing cupping helps to reduce the build-up of cellular waste, toxins, inflammation, & excess fluids by assisting in dragging them from deep within muscles/soft tissue, to the body’s surface, where they can be more efficiently disposed of, via the lymphatic system.

  • More specifically, the rubbing cupping technique assists in:

                           Clearing stagnation
                           Relieving inflammation
                           Draining/Moving fluids
                           Sedating the nervous system
                           Expelling congestion
                           Stretching muscle & connective tissues
                           Loosening adhesions & scar tissue
                           Nourishing blood supply to the skin


What does a person feel during or after cupping?
Cupping can be mildly or moderately painful. The degree of pain varies

from person to person and the location of cupped areas on the same

body. Post cupping symptoms varies between persons which include

feeling relieved after cupping, feeling dizzy/weak/tired or not much sensation.

Cupping creats a painless bruises which actually feels good. Different coloration of bruises indicates type of health problems, level of toxicity in body and blood stagnation.



  • Clients must avoid exposure to excessive heat (shower, sauna, etc.), cold, or exercise after cupping sessions (for at least 4-6 hours)

  • Clients should drink sufficient amounts of water subsequent to cupping sessions.

  • Massage cupping should not be used on clients with:

                                   Pace makers or
                                   Electrical implants
                                   Low Blood Pressure
                                   Energy Depletion (Exhaustion)

                                   Pregnant women

  • Cupping must also be used with caution on children, the elderly, diabetics, and persons with varicose veins.


What is the frequency of cupping?
Critical disease: e.g. stroke victims - 3 consecutive days and then weekly.

Serious disease: e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, asthma, high cholesterol, kidney malfunction, liver malfunction – weekly for few months.

Mild disease: e.g. fever, cough, muscular pain – every 3 to 7 days until get relieve.


We are admit that cupping's ability to heal is limited. If you do have a medical condition you need treated, it's best to consult with your general practitioner first. Cupping can be additional form of bodywork as complex healing.  Use tried and tested medical techniques as your  primary source of treatment. It neither encourages it nor prescribes it as a viable form of therapy.

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